Changes In The Workplace

Working from home is now becoming a trend. The growing popularity is remaking how we work, the tools we use for that work, how we communicate at work, and even the hours we work. 

A major benefit to the employer is being able to downsize on square footage of space for the company. A major benefit to the worker is that they can buy a home or condominium outside of the business area in a suburb or at an ocean resort with the great locations that they desire and not have to think about what the daily commute will be.

Employees who work from home have changed some sectors of commercial real estate, both in terms of how spaces are designed, how many square feet the company needs for workers and where the company is located. 

Many companies have downsized their office space to save money by allowing or even encouraging employees to work from home. What was born from necessity during the last recession has turned out to have greater benefits than lower rent on the commercial office.

It has been reported that employees that work from home are just as, if not more productive, with less distractions, have their output increased and seem more satisfied in general. 

If the same employees were in the office, there are coffee breaks, socializing and interruptions through out the day, that is not happening at the home office. The employee can work in any kind    of clothes that they desire, no longer have to spend money on lunches, gasoline, parking and the day to day expenses that occur when commuting to an office.

This type of work has also been a boon for parents who need more flexibility in their schedule to accommodate child care, school events and sick kids. Sometimes it can be a problem to work at home with small children. But these are small problems that can be solved by balancing work and personal lives.

It has been reported that in recruiting the best talent, employers find that the work at home concept is a major perk. 

Remote work does have its share of problems. Some people dislike working in the same place where they live and relax, and it can be difficult to create and maintain a company environment without co-workers being in the same room. But the concept of not commuting on a crowed bus or slow and go in early morning traffic is a major benefit.

Above all, buying a home in a more desirable location is a great plus for the employee and being able to downsize on square footage is a major plus for the company.