Contact Your Property Manager In Advance

The usual way that a property management company comes upon the scene is when the owner of a building makes a contact. Often the owner has just acquired the property through a purchase or exchange, then looks for a manager.  If you are about to acquire an income property, consider contacting the management company in […]

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Investing In Land For Long-Term Profit

Land is always a good investment for the long term. In past years when investors made real estate investments, one consideration was the tax shelter of certain investments. Now, with fewer shelters, real estate investments must make sense as a dollars and cents return on capital, and must stand alone as a good business move. […]

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Keeping Key Employees Happy

Office amenities are the little things that transform a regular work place into an exceptional one making for happy employers and happy employees.  Key executives were the ones who always had the “office with a view”. Now, however, on modern buildings built in recent years the atrium is one of the most popular (and expensive) […]

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Changing The Use Of Investment Properties

There is a big difference between investing in the rejuvenation of real estate projects and investing in stocks, bonds and other securities. When you invest in securities, you have no control of any factors that can enhance the value. In real estate, you have control of the investment yourself. In an investment in converting use […]

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Turn-Around Negative Cash Flow

In investment properties, when cash expenses are more than cash receipts, there is negative cash flow. Most investors avoid properties where this is the situation, unless there are strong underlying economic factors that indicate the cash flow can become positive. •   One six-tenant office building was leased out several years ago. After a few […]

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Changes In The Workplace

Working from home is now becoming a trend. The growing popularity is remaking how we work, the tools we use for that work, how we communicate at work, and even the hours we work.  A major benefit to the employer is being able to downsize on square footage of space for the company. A major […]

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