Your Real Estate Investment

Knowing what you can do in some investment situations can be the difference between an annual profit or loss in your currently owned commercial property or the one you intend to acquire. How you acquire it can be important.

The professional commercial real estate broker is in the position to represent a client in real estate transactions by setting up sales, exchanges, leases, purchase and sales of options, and management of real estate. This real estate practitioner stays aware of current tax laws and court decisions in order to structure transactions, but does not give legal or tax advice (unless he/she is also an attorney or a certified public accountant). In any complex transaction that might result in changes in any owner’s legal or tax situation, the other members of the “consulting team” should be the owner’s attorney and/or tax advisor. We always recommend consulting with these professionals during the planning and closing of major real estate transactions. All can affect taxes and estate planning.

We are the heart of your professional team, creating the real estate transactions that will be needed to expand your estate. Let’s get together to evaluate your present portfolio of properties, or review your plans for future acquisition.

Starting with your present position and your goals for the future, we can set out moving directly toward achieving those goals.