Condos – Developments And Conversions

Most anything that can be subdivided to be sold or rented can be developed or converted to condominiums. When we say “condo” maybe the apartment might come to mind first. Then, you may think of the commercial office building that was converted to condominium offices. Less common are the other, unusual types of condo developments such as condo parking garages, boat marinas, and other properties that are usually rented. Here are examples:
Motel Vacation Units
When Americans go on vacation to resort areas, they often stay in motels that may be located close to the action – the beach, the lake, or the ski slopes. Now, in some parts of the country, motel units are being converted to condo vacation units.
One large motel was converted to 64 condominium units. Kitchen units were added to each unit. The motel had both tennis courts and swimming pools. The condo owners and renters have access to these areas when they are using the units. An outside kitchen with BBQs was added for outdoor cooking and eating. Outside fire pits were also added for toasting toes and marshmallows.
Aircraft Hangars
Airport residential condominium communities have been built adjacent to airports across the country. At one airport there are approximately 135 condominium homes built on one-acre or larger lots. Each house has an attached hangar in which the homeowner parks his or her own airplane. The homeowners are able to taxi the aircraft to the 3,400-foot runway owned by the local community. They are governed by a homeowner’s association offering full maintenance, fuel and repair services. At some airports across the country airplane hangers have been changed from rentals to condos and individually owned.
Boat Marinas
All along coastal waters are condominium marinas. An individual owns each boat slip and the owner pays a monthly fee for the security and maintenance of the boat dock. Governed by a homeowners association much like residential condos. Some marina condominiums are just a boat dock and others are very complex. On the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland there is a condo marina with 168 slips varying in size from 30-50 feet with amenities including on-site marine service, heated bathrooms with dressing rooms, showers, an outdoor grill area, a fish cleaning station, storage areas, and a lounge for entertaining
Just about any kind of development or building that can be rented can be converted to a condominium.