Keeping Key Employees Happy

Office amenities are the little things that transform a regular work place into an exceptional one making for happy employers and happy employees. 

Key executives were the ones who always had the “office with a view”. Now, however, on modern buildings built in recent years the atrium is one of the most popular (and expensive) amenities. It is popular because virtually every office can have a window view, either toward the conventional view, the outdoors, or toward the spaciousness and openness provided by the atrium. It is an example of “keeping key employees”.

Trends in the newer buildings being built and refurbished today are to make the tenants content. Part of this is doing everything to make the tenant’s employees content and happy also. Skilled employees are not tied to employers as they were in the past.

Amenities might account typically for only about one percent of the space and less than one percent of the building costs. But amenities can make a big difference when the management company is showing it to prospective tenants. With good amenities, the building attracts tenants and has less vacancy problems. Few tenants seem to be concerned with the addition of a few cents per square foot for the amenities that appeal to them.

The atrium will add extra costs for window cleaning, heat loss, and higher premiums for liability insurance. Where that amenity has been offered, managers have found that the tenants are willing to pay the few extra cents per square foot.

Other Amenities

The addition of multi-lounge areas for relaxing. Outside or inside fitness centers are increasingly popular additions at modern office buildings. If it is a build-to-suit office building, a track around the inside perimeter can be used for both running and walking. If possible, have dressing rooms and showers, Health and fitness are important to workers today. If there are outdoor areas for a breath of fresh air: a picnic table, benches, Bocce Ball or Pickleball Court or some kind of game area is always a great addition to an outdoor area, especially in an industrial park that has fewer restaurants and shopping that can be done at lunch break.

Most office buildings have a small kitchen available with an eating area, microwave and refrigerator. A good coffee machine that is easy to use and clean is essential. Provide vending machines with a variety of options from salty & sweet snacks to healthy veggies. Make kitchen/dining areas as attractive as possible with good lighting, colors on the painted walls and carpeting on the floor. Make it a place that the employees are comfortable and relaxed. Employees of the tenant do not need much extra to feel that management is trying; after all it is a working environment. Close in parking is at the top of everyone’s list if no on site parking is available. Provide a shuttle service for safety and convenience. If parking is available adding bicycle parking and an electric charging station to the area is a plus. 

Any additions to the working environment help keep employees and tenants happy.