The city of Los Angeles faces a vast shortage of vacant land in general, and a troubling shortage of vacant high-density land. If you are looking for a development opportunity, we can help. Prime candidates for development include buildings that are underperforming, buildings that can be increased in value by redevelopment, or buildings that are positioned on parcels that are underused, due either to poor initial development choices or rezoning. Changing demographics and a lack of affordable housing are also affecting development opportunities. Land that was once defined by a highest and best use of single-family homes could now be considered prime for high-end luxury apartments or condominiums, depending on current zoning. An influx of multi-family housing also brings with it a greater need for commercial projects, opening up even more opportunities for development.

Additionally, you will find vacant land opportunities throughout the area surrounding the city of Los Angeles. See something that interests you? Contact Ed to find out more about a listing here!

Do you own a property that you feel may be of interest to developers? If your building or single family home is situated on land that may be zoned for high density, or if you feel that your land is worth more than the value of the structure that occupies it, your property may be of interest to a developer. Today’s low interest rates, lack of vacant land, and low housing supply mean that you could possibly sell your building or single-family home for a generous profit! We can help you determine your zoning and the value of your property. To find out what a developer might pay for your property, [mail_to email=”ed@edkoenig.com”]contact Ed here[/mail_to].