The Right Kind Of Investment

A prospective investor may have many questions about what kind of investment is right for them. The answer to these problems can be an interview with an interested professional real estate broker who can act as a real estate investment counselor. A prospective investor can be interviewed in depth to find out their specific needs and wants in an investment property. At the same time their needs are being evaluated, the broker will also communicate what benefits are available in various properties and how to identify them.
Some considerations should be given to the risk of loss for each age bracket of investor. Should an older investor purchase a property with the smallest down payment and highest leverage position? This will limit cash flow and may cause the property to have a “negative” cash flow. Is this what they want–or do they want cash flow from the property?
How about the younger couple? Are their objectives for long-range estate building or for current cash flow? Would they be more willing to take chances with a marginal investment that might bring big returns later?
These answers must be decided by each investor for himself or herself. But, only after enough information has been furnished so that an intelligent decision can be made.
When a new investor has a better idea of the type of property that will do the right job for him/her, then and only then should they be exposed to the market place and shown specific properties. Now the investor or investors can evaluate the various benefits and risks for the information shown on each property and apply the information to their own situation.
What is right for you? A new rental unit? A strip center? A one-hundred unit apartment property? An Outlet Center? Perhaps you should have five or six apartments or commercial properties in scattered locations. Real estate counseling can show you that you can choose which is right for you and know the reasons why it is right!